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 We understand that every working environment requires a high level of cleaning, security and maintenance, and that every individual case is unique. We have a large range of services that can be tailored to your personal requirements. We are a company that gives you a piece of mind by giving the highest quality services you deserve. To achieve this we carefully select our staff to suit the company culture and ethics of putting our client's security and cleanness first. We encourage staff loyalty, and we elect to give preference to selecting staff from the local communities.

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Service we provide
Rent A Maid

Our Maids or domestic helpers who are carefully groomed to be efficient, friendly and reliable, will do the chores that you hate so that you have time to do what is important to you

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Cleaning & Pest Control

We offer pest control and cleaning services for houses, offices, Multi side buildings and other spaces, we also happy to cater for simple one time cleaning, weekly, monthly or annual contract

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Technical Services

Our Technical Services include Sales, Installation and Repairs to satellite, CCTV Cameras, Gate Motors, Electrical Fences, Garage Doors, Alarms, etc

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